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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wedding Photographer Hampshire – that’s me, Rob Dunning.

Based in Warsash I photograph weddings around Southampton, New Forest and Winchester.

My approach to wedding photography is best described as ‘distinctively relaxed’. The type of clients I attract usually have a ‘relaxed wedding’ in mind and this combination works well.


A relaxed reportage approach

In general, at least by way of the clients I attract, the Bride & Groom have worked for months prior to their wedding day to make sure everything goes as smooth and as stress free on their big day as possible. The last thing they need after that is a stressy, shouty, pointy wedding photographer upsetting the relaxed atmosphere.

I can promise you, as your wedding photographer, my approach couldn’t be further removed from that ‘traditional wedding photographer’ cliché.


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Nothing staged and everything natural

As a documentary wedding photographer, to me, pictures are about telling the story and recording the peak of a moment while keeping everything in context.

I’ll never ask a bride to pretend to put on her make up or casually adjust her garter. And gents, you don’t have to worry about anything that resembles a still from ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

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Experience is everything

I’ve photographed weddings since 2005. Photography style and technique is always changing and as a professional photographer I’m always looking to improve my skills. That doesn’t make me a better[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi, my name is Rob Dunning. I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Warsash on the River Hamble. I cover weddings across Hampshire, Dorset & Surrey primarily, however, clients also hire me for their weddings in other parts of the UK and occasionally abroad.

My wedding photography style is very much a documentary approach, also known as reportage wedding photography or photo-journalism. It’s a style of photography that is very subjective and doesn’t necessarily tick the box of what every Bride & Groom are looking for from a wedding photographer. Other than a handful of group photos and a few minutes for some relaxed portraits, everything is photographed as it happens.

I don’t ask brides to pretend to apply eye liner for a photograph. I don’t get the groom and his ushers to replicate a scene from Reservoir Dogs. Also, don’t expect to see a tripod, flashes regularly going off or me wearing a uniform. Put simply, I just blend into a wedding day as a guest with some fancy cameras. That way, I can mingle into the action or blend into the background and get close to the moments that make gorgeous story telling pictures.

Documentary wedding photography is possibly the most challenging form of photography to shoot well. It’s made from a combination of skills that go way further than camera know how. In my mind, it’s a combination of life experience, wedding experience, timing, composition and incredibly good people watching skills. When they are all combined together they produce pictures that stand on their own or as part of a story telling album of your wedding day.

To get an idea of what makes me tick, why not take a look at my About Me page. Alternatively, my blog contains numerous pictures from recent weddings I’ve photographed.

Wedding Photographer Hampshire.