[vc_row][vc_column][dt_fancy_title title=”Highcliffe Castle Wedding – Katy & Tim” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent” separator_color=”accent”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Earlier this year I met with Katy & Tim near their home in Winchester to talk about wedding photography. They were planning their Highcliffe Castle wedding and photography was an important part of the day for them both. Therefore it was a real surprise when they called me before I got home to say they would like to hire me as their wedding photographer. .

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”h3″ animation=”none” size=”1″]Morning Prep[/dt_quote]

I arrived at East Close Hotel where Katy & Tim had stayed the previous night. Many of their guests had travelled from all over the country and had stayed over also. This meant that both sides of the wedding party had met each already and you could really sense that on the day itself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


Tim was in the courtyard at the back. Clad in flip-flops and surf shorts, he was enjoying coffee with his friends and family. The banter being thrown around was brilliant but did concern me they might end up running late.

Meanwhile, Katy and her bridesmaids were enjoying every part of getting ready and the luxurious pampering a wedding morning brings.

A vintage Rolls Royce and an Aston Martin rolled up outside the hotel. It was time for Tim and his best man to lose the flip flops and get formal. They literally threw on their Naval officer uniforms and donned their swords. In contrast to the girls, it took no more than 10-minutes. The ushers had arrived also bringing even more swords.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”h3″ animation=”none” size=”1″]The Ceremony[/dt_quote]

The morning’s clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining for their Highcliffe Castle wedding. Katy & Tim’s guests began to arrive and enjoy the beautiful gardens. There were a few cheeky pre-wedding ice creams being eaten also. All of this, to the backdrop of a string quartet.

The wedding ceremony took place in the The Wintergarden Room. It’s a beautiful room with tall windows letting lots of light in. Perfect for photography. The room has steps that lead out into the grounds. This is where the boys made an arch of swords for Katy & Tim to walk through after they had exchanged vows and rings.

After the ceremony, everyone relaxed with drinks and canapés on the lawns. As the grounds are open to the public there were quite a few onlookers. Probably more than usual due to the many Naval uniforms. Other than a couple of two minute showers the weather remained perfect.

With the family formals finished, Katy donned her wedding day wellington boots and led the bridal party down to the beach. It was really quiet at the beach and the light was gorgeous, which allowed for some great pictures.

For the wedding breakfast Tim and the boys changed into their No. 2 Mess Dress. Again, it took no more than 10-minutes. Most noteworthy was that all the chaps tied their own bow-ties.

The caterers were from The Italian Villa at Compton Acres. Head chef Maciek Kijewski did his magic to produce 3-courses of mouth-watering food. They even put by a strawberry cheesecake for me.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”h3″ animation=”none” size=”1″]A gorgeous Highcliffe Castle Wedding[/dt_quote]

After the wedding breakfast and a great set of speeches the evening party was kicked off to the tunes of Jack Rabbit. Also, the funky photo booth did it’s thing to produce a guest book full of craziness. Outside was still warm enough for guests to enjoy the night air. The moon was bright and you could see the Isle of Wight twinkling in the twilight.

A huge thank you to Katy & Tim for hiring me to photograph their wedding. Also a huge thank you to their guests for making me feel so welcome.

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