You may have seen Ed & Emma previously on my blog in this engagement phonky photo shoot.

I know after speaking with clients, Bride’s often wonder what it will be like having a photographer around when they have a house full of people all getting ready on a wedding morning. I’m a kick-off-my-shoes at the door and get clicking type of photographer. I don’t ask a bride to pretend to put on some eyeliner or stop the Bride’s mum so that I can take a picture of her putting on a necklace and I wouldn’t dream of poking a Bridesmaid in the eye to make her look more ’emotional’ … everything is photographed ‘as it happens’. However, there’s a fine line between getting the photo and getting in the way. I guess the equivalent type of house guest might be a good comparison … I’d be the sort that wouldn’t mind opening a cupboard door or two to find where to put the crockery away rather than leaving a pile of plates on the side but I wouldn’t help myself to the contents of the fridge.

Anyway, back to Emma & Ed’s wedding …

I love the feeling of not knowing what to expect when I’ve pulled up to the Bride’s house for Getting Ready wedding photos. As you walk up to the house you’ve no idea what’s going on behind the door, it could be mayhem, it could be champers in full flow, relaxed pampering, tears, laughter, anxiety or just a house full of love. At Emma & Ed’s pad it was all of the above. After photographing Emma and her Bridesmaid’s transformation from stunning to stunning’er, I made my way to the Holy Saviour Church in Bitterne, which for Ed and the boys was conveniently located next to the Red Lion pub.

Here’s the first of two parts of their wedding in pictures.