Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook

Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook

Nesting alongside a dual carriageway and over looking the Millbrook Flyover, this church is not set in the most picturesque location by any means. However, these is something about it that I like. The church has a magnificent steeple and isn’t an ugly building. There aren’t gravestones everywhere reminding visitors of death. There is a pretty lych-gate and nice flagstones leading to the entrance. There is plenty of car parking space too. But these aren’t the reasons I like it.

Outside the church, it’s busy. Traffic flows non-stop on the dual carriageway. The noise can be loud and intense, especially during rush hour. But as soon, as you enter Holy Trinity Church, a layer of tranquillity falls upon your ears. There’s a welcoming feeling, not only by the building but by the vicar and the wardens there also.

For photography, the church is full of light and there is no need to use flash. There’s room for a few casual group photographs outside, but personally, I would suggest doing those at the reception venue.

Inside at Millbrook Trinity Church, SouthamptonThe Lych-Gate Holy Trinity Church, SouthamptonThe Lych-Gate at Holy Trinity Church, SouthamptonInside the churchThe lychgate.During a wedding service at Holy Trinity Church, SouthamptonDuring a wedding service at Holy Trinity Church, Southampton

Holy Trinity Church
Millbrook Road West ,
Southampton, SO15 0JZ
023 8070 1896
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