This is the frustrating time of year for me. The weddings have slowed down in line with autumn but there is a bit of back log from a high volume of weddings that I’m slowly but surely ploughing through … shortlisting, enhancing and making each and every image as fine tuned as possible. It does mean some of my clients are waiting a little longer than my 2-week target turnaround but I’d hope the wait is worth it.

Anyway, here’s some images from Clare & Matthew’s wedding. These guys rated a massive 10 out of 10 on my uber-cool bride & groom scale … with the help of the magnificent Megan at Shirrel Heath’s New Place hotel this wedding had all the formalities but was still so relaxed I almost forgot I wasn’t a guest.

Almost lastly, a big thank you to the delicious photographicness of Kirsty who was my second shooter at Clare & Matthew’s wedding … if you’re looking for a photographer in Brighton her work is definitely worth checking out!

Lastly, a massive thank you to Clare, Matthew and all of their guests for being the guinea pigs on the funky photo booth … you guys rock!