This weekend I photographed two weddings … as different as each wedding was, both were awesome in their own way with stunning Bride’s, groovy Grooms and guests that are up for partying!

Also, this weekend saw the ‘beta test’ of project funky … and the feedback was good!

There is a downside to working weekends … and that is not getting to see much of my Bexter. But thanks to a bank holiday Monday we managed a bit of catch up … we Wii’d on the balance board in the morning, went in search of discounted ski gear down Port Solent then caught up with Jacqui & Marc for a spot of late lunch before getting back home to harvest cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes from the garden.

Between an insanely fantastic wedding season and the last few weeks spent in and around ‘project funky’ I know I’ve neglected my Bexter a little too much, so I sent her some flowers to her office yesterday to show my appreciation of her amazing patience and incredible understanding … quick plug for Michelle and Jenny at Floral Fantasy!