Sorry for going quiet for the last week … I was covering a wedding in Croyde, Devon, and as Becky was Bridesmaid we added a few days holiday beforehand.

Earlier this year I photographed Nicky & Dan trashing a wedding dress. Not long after, the News of the World were on the phone for an article they were putting together … then last Sunday it was published.

Apart from being published they actually gave me a credit … ‘woo hoo you’ you may say, but the amount of images Southampton’s Daily Echo have published of mine without a credit is silly … and thats without any payment!

Anyway, I just hope that they get the News of the World posted at the pearly gates because my Dad would be well chuffed … it fitted in perfectly within his Sunday ritual of full english, visit to the pub, Sunday roast, afternoon nap and a re-visit to the pub.