Sunday 25th November 2007, Southampton

The very first Solent Studios Wedding Photography Workshop is set later this month.

What it is!
An opportunity for seasoned pro’s and those looking to get into the wedding photography market to come together, exchange questions, answers and ideas.

What it’s not!
It’s not a course, seminar or lesson. It’s not something you will need to bring a camera to.

Who’s it for?
People with any level of photographic ability, either already working in or wanting to work in the wedding photography arena.

What will you get out of it?
If you’re a pro you might just get some exciting ideas from those you’ll be competing along side in the near future. If you’re looking to break into the market you’ll be able to tap the knowledge of some of those who have faced the various hurdles of the wedding photography market place.

What will it cost?
To reserve a seat at the Wedding Workshop a £5 donation to Hampshire Autistic Society is required. To book your seat simply make your donation on the related Just Giving website.

After Friday 9th November the minimum donation requested is £15.

After Friday 16th November the minimum donation requested is £25.

After your seat has been reserved you will be emailed and expected to respond with questions you would like answers to in the following categories:
* Getting the photo – how to work with scenarios of a wedding day
* Getting the business – how to market, price and promote yourself

Will I be sold to?
Nope … there’s nothing to sell.

When & Where?
Sunday 25th November 2007 10am – 4pm
Directions to the event are here:

There is dedicated classroom and an onsite cafe.

Any questions let me know.

Kind regards,