Sarah & Damien fix people up in Liverpool. I know that sounds dodgy but they are in fact Doctors … as were quite a large amount of their guests. I tried to guess which guest was the equivalent of House or Gray but I was spoilt for choice.

Anyway, Sarah came back to her home village (which is really rather fab and somewhere I’m rather attached to) of Warsash, got her Dad to build a marquee in the back garden and got her man to meet her at the end of the aisle in the beautiful St Peter’s Church when the bells stopped ringing. Then, possibly the happiest looking vicar in the world made a very fab service, alongside a rather voiceful congregation.

After an amazing BBQ wedding breakfast of which the steak and shrimp were superb 🙂 Sarah & Damien took their guests to the golden doorstep of Warsash foreshore … looking out over the Solent, the Isle of Wight and something that I tend to think of as an interesting blot on the landscape … Fawley Oil refinery.

Once everyone got back to the marquee the first dance was finished in the flavour of a barn dance! What a way to get everyone on the dance floor?